Poem Appreciation: Bluebeard’s Castle from Netflix’s You Series

I must take a minute to appreciate the once Lifetime, but now Netflix show, You. Not because I loved it or for the show in general. It is simply for the love of poetry sprinkled in. Continue reading “Poem Appreciation: Bluebeard’s Castle from Netflix’s You Series”



My legs are peddling ten miles per hour

My shoulders are strong and in charge

My arms are solidarity and strong

I charge through the ocean like I belong Continue reading “Swim”

The Bravery of Poets & Why “Mask Shavings”?

First off, a special thank you to those who have visited my blog, followed me on Twitter, or read my poetry on either platform. For the longest time I wrote poems for peace, therapy, and the sport of playing with words. My favorite book was the thesaurus at a really young age. I didn’t always make sense, but it sounded beautiful to me. Poetry is an escape for so many and often times it’s such a private love. Continue reading “The Bravery of Poets & Why “Mask Shavings”?”

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